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Wrappz gadget personalisation

A new south London company has created a classy new way of personalising gadgets

Wrappz gadget personalisation

September 19 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Wrappz – crazy spelling, crazy but very clever idea – is a new south London company doing extremely well extremely quickly, thanks to having a novel but good product that’s satisfying, yet so cheap that if you don’t like it, you won’t despair.

Wrappz makes customised stick-on covers for all sorts of gadgets, from BlackBerries to laptops to games consoles. You can give your PC a Banksy look, use a stylised classic photo such as the Rat Pack laptop pictured, or upload your own photo or artwork to Wrappz and let its team create your techy artwork. Wrappz covers are printed on a patented 3M vinyl, which is easy to stick on and doesn’t leave a gungy residue when you have second thoughts. Cool, amusing and if you get it right, really quite stylish.

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