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Album 7in portable digital photo viewer/album

It’s not so much a frame, more a stylish digital photo album that holds thousands of images.

Album 7in portable digital photo viewer/album

March 07 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This is the first Czech-designed product I’ve ever featured in this column, and a lovely thing it is, too. We don’t normally have a lot to do with digital photo frames in Technopolis (too naff), but this is more than a frame. It’s really a portable photo viewer in a natty protective case (leather in our sample), which can double as a frame if you really must. The Album has 4Gb of internal memory, and you can slip in an SD card of up to 16Gb full of photos.

The Album’s build quality is good rather than brilliant and its design stylish and clever rather than genius. But it’s a jolly good idea and a great way to show off your photos – tens of thousands of them.

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