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Bringing quiet joy to daily life

An e-store of considered, contemporary homewares

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Bringing quiet joy to daily life

November 17 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Rejoice, all fans of the pared-down and functional because Pottinger and Cole has gone e-commerce. For those not familiar with the brand, Pottinger and Cole is a small design studio making the sort of considered, contemporary furniture, lighting and home accessories that bring quiet joy to daily life. Things such as the HB2 Hallway Bench for example (from £790, third picture). Constructed from plywood, aero-ply, oak veneer and aluminium, HB2 is the most elegant solution to the problem of hallway clutter I have seen – and you can sit on it, too.

Not everything the studio produces is available online, but as capsule ranges go, this is pretty impressive. There’s a rubber-topped side table available in three colours (£235), a clock cast from plaster polymer (£140), a tray with integral handles (£38), a mirror (£105), a set of solid beech coat hooks so cleverly shaped that you can hang several things from each (T Pegs, second picture, £60 for three) and – my personal favourite – a plywood magazine rack that you can carry around with you (Magi, first picture, from £240). Click and buy.