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Fuss-free, grown-up furniture to last a lifetime

This e-store offers a small but immaculately conceived collection

Fuss-free, grown-up furniture to last a lifetime

October 25 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

English furniture makers Young & Norgate might sell their wares online, but there is nothing high-tech about their making process. Working from a studio in Devon, this small team of designers and craftsmen hand-make each piece using time-honoured techniques and the highest-quality materials, including FSC-certified timbers (walnut, oak and maple predominate) and ironmongery from New York.

Naturally, meticulous hand-making takes time so their initial collection is a capsule offering of five pieces. There’s a pretty-yet-simple bedside table (Animate bedside table, from £899), an elegantly functional desk, complete with leather-lined draw (Animate Writing Desk, pictured, from £2,449), a sleek coffee table in black walnut (Veer Coffee table, from £1,080), a Zimmer sideboard (from £1,899) and a beautifully pared-down dining chair (Wellington Chair, pictured, from £799). If you like considered, fuss-free, grown-up furniture that has been designed to last a lifetime, then you will be tempted to buy the lot.

And those of you who like the aesthetic but already have sufficient desks, coffee tables and sideboards will be pleased to know that Young & Norgate also work to commission.