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The beauty of this bespoke furniture is its simplicity

Custom-made furniture in classic styles with a contemporary accent

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The beauty of this bespoke furniture is its simplicity

September 03 2011
Nicole Swengley

“Doing simple things beautifully” is a good maxim to adopt if your business involves marrying crisp design with fine craftsmanship. And a visit to Timothy Mark’s small London showroom is proof enough that it’s no mere marketing slogan.

Timothy Mark Jeffery originally trained as an architect, which perhaps explains why his modern interpretations of classic styles work so well. Combine this with fine, figured, English woods, specially made ironmongery and traditional construction methods, and you can understand why clients seek him out for bespoke commissions.

There’s a custom-design service for fitted furniture. Other designs – chairs (first picture, from £1,100), tables (from £4,000), cabinets (second picture, from £5,000), desks (from £6,500), beds (from £4,000), folding screens (from £4,000), lamps (from £190), mirrors (from £1,000), picture frames (from £800) – are personalised to individual requests. Bespoke desks are particularly popular because “they’re very personal and special, so people are prepared to spend money on them,” says Jeffery.

Cabinets are hand-crafted at the company’s Dorset workshop in a framed panel construction with tenon jointing and dovetailing. The attention to detail is exemplary. Drawer linings and internal fittings are – unusually – made from the same indigenous English hardwood as the rest of the design. “This means the piece moves in the same way internally as externally,” explains Jeffery. And all the designs are finished in the round so they can stand in the middle of the room as well as against a wall.

Meanwhile, a choice of attractive timbers includes English walnut, ash, oak, cherry and sycamore maple. “The wood selection is fundamental – it’s key to giving the piece its quality,” says Jeffery.

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