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Originality is this e-store’s USP

Seduced by a website of genuinely unusual accessories and gifts

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Originality is this e-store’s USP

June 23 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Mocha claims to have one of the most original collections of modern home accessories, gifts and furniture on the web. Which is quite a boast, but having spent half an hour wandering through the six main departments and 60 sub-departments (this is not nearly as daunting as it sounds as many of these contain only a few pieces each), I can confirm that Mocha’s product range is indeed refreshingly original. I had not, for example, come across John Green’s neat little Embrace storage unit-cum-stool-cum-table before (first picture, £275), nor had I seen the beautifully simple F/01 chair (third picture, £350) anywhere else online.

However, praise-worthy as both these products are, the piece that really sold this site to me was the Tea Lovers Eco Cup (second picture, £10.99). Designed to look like a disposable paper cup, complete with drinking lid and burn-proof band, it features a cute teapot-shaped tag to wind your tea-bag string around and a blue floral print that hints, rather wittily, at traditional china.