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An online world of glamorous furniture and home accessories

Where else on the web can you find these pieces?

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An online world of glamorous furniture and home accessories

March 24 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

“We are about uniqueness in your home,” claims the opening page of online furniture and home-accessory store Carter & Rose. I’m all for uniqueness, so I clicked on Furniture and entered a world of mostly French-style and entirely glamorous pieces that I was delighted to find I had not come across elsewhere on the web. Pieces such as a most elegant button-back Josette sofa upholstered in ecru linen (first picture, £980) and an eye-popping Electric Green chest of drawers (second picture, £210).

Heartened by these discoveries, I decided to explore further. The next department allowed me to search for furniture by the 12 collections. Louis Quinze was full of temptation and Luxe Silver contained an ornate wooden Chantilly bed finished in this season’s most fashionable finish, dull silver (£1,010) and was followed by Mirrors, Lighting and Home accessories.

I can’t say that every single piece on sale here is totally original but even the more standard pieces such as the ladder-stitch linen napkins (£32 for six) are of a quality and simplicity that is often hard to find online.