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HÅG Sideways chair

An office chair designed for hunter-gatherers

HÅG Sideways chair

September 12 2010
Jonathan Margolis

I sit up and pay attention to upmarket office chairs. So when Norwegian chair maestro HÅG invited me to try its latest range, I was interested.

HÅG’s chairs are, as expected, beautiful, unusual and comfortable. It was explained to me that their designers work on the basis that man is a hunter-gatherer and not suited to sitting still, so a chair needs to offer maximum movement.

But here’s an odd thing: the HÅG I’m featuring is one of its lower-priced offerings. It’s like a meeting chair that lets you be really mobile, with a great rocking mechanism and elbow supports that support you however you sit, including sideways. I haven’t actually tried either hunting or gathering in the Sideways, but I chose it because I just found it comfortable in the firm-but-fair way I like. I also tend to work barefoot or in socks, and have had painful accidents with wheeled chairs, so the lack of wheels is welcome. Do look at HÅG’s other models, though. Norvège, douze points; Norge, tolv poeng.

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