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New designs by Jaime Hayón

Smile-provoking furniture from a hot Spanish designer

New designs by Jaime Hayón

Image: Andrew Atkinson

October 05 2009
Nicole Swengley

What I like about hot Spanish designer Jaime Hayón is the wit in his work. Recently he’s had fun shaking up contemporary American cultural icons (think hot dogs, limousines, skyscrapers, doughnuts) with his girlfriend, artist-photographer Nienke Klunder. Despite being located in slightly out-of-the-way Kentish Town in north London, the designs are well worth seeing at the American Chateau exhibition and would, I feel, particularly appeal to some well-heeled US friends who collect limited editions.

There’s a sleek, hand-carved mahogany table resembling a limousine (whose “bonnet” and “boot” can be propped open, £23,631), a highly-lacquered, candy-coloured dressing table/chest of drawers shaped like the Manhattan skyline (£23,389), and a fibreglass hot dog-shaped seat (pictured) produced by a Formula One manufacturer, £18,542. Huge, hand-painted ceramic plates (£4,873) also bear US cultural symbols. Refreshingly smile-provoking.

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