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Generation Chair

They’ve bent over backwards to create a truly comfortable chair

Generation Chair

April 07 2010
Jonathan Margolis

The Knoll company has been in quality chairs in the US since 1938, so it knows a thing or two about the sitting-down business. This fancy, ultra-flexible new office chair is its latest ergo, eco and the rest-of-it product, and it’s perfect for restless sitters, people who like to turn round awkwardly and, where necessary, lean over backwards in search of inspiration.

The design came about, says Knoll, after watching more than 400 hours of workplace footage and studying the contortionist things we like to do in office chairs. It is almost alarmingly elastic and flexes with your body. The elastomer in the Flex Back Net is more frequently used, I gather, in dishwasher hinges and ski boot straps.

Take a look at the video on the website below or, better, seek out a shop where they can demo the chair – it’s one of those you have to sit in to get. I have, and it’s absolutely remarkable.

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