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The sweet taste of proper confectionery

A retro-style sweet-shop that offers bags of nostalgia

The sweet taste of proper confectionery

January 18 2012
Nicole Swengley

Beehive Treats has attracted quite a buzz since opening recently in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. So I popped into this retro-style sweet-shop when I was visiting friends living locally who’d told me about it, and found myself surrounded by long-forgotten childhood pleasures.

The shop wraps 1950s nostalgia (jars of weigh-out sweets; sugar mice; candy canes) within a modern, country-kitchen interior. Old-fashioned jars lining the shelves are filled with bonbons, liquorice allsorts, jelly snakes, shrimps, dolly mixture, lemon sherberts, white mice, fake teeth, and the bestselling rhubarb & custard (£1.30 per 100g). My favourite lemon bonbons were weighed out into a candy-striped paper-bag, but you can also buy an empty decorative box or tin to fill or bring along your own container to create a really personalised present.

This is truly retro heaven. I hadn’t seen Fry’s Chocolate Cream (95p) or Caramac (70p) for years, and other memory-jerkers included cough candy (£1.50 per 100g), gobstoppers (£1.45) and Lifesavers (£1.45). There are even old-fashioned drinks – bottles of dandelion & burdock, elderflower, and Victorian lemonade (£1.35 each). Remember Pez? I hadn’t until I spied its timeless dispenser (two-pack, £2.95). And the sherbert fountains (75p) – a lifelong weakness – proved irresistible.

The shop’s “deli” aspect means that you can choose your personal favourites from trays of hand-made Belgian chocolates (£3.95 per 100g) and buy individual slices of Sicilian nougat (£4.95) or chunks of Turkish delight (£2.50 per 100g). Party bags (£1.99) and Tuck Shop Rations (with flying saucers, chews, Refreshers and a sherbert fountain, £4.25) offer one-stop shopping for children’s party hosts. And who could resist the foil-wrapped chocolate shapes – cigars (£4.95) and watches (45p)? I certainly couldn’t.

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