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Found – the ideal holiday taverna

The Cyprus restaurant with tradition at the heart of its food

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Found – the ideal holiday taverna

September 15 2011
Vivienne Becker

On just about every holiday, I always imagine that I’m going to find that elusive perfect little local restaurant, totally authentic and unpretentious, serving the real food of whatever region I’m in. Finally I found it, unexpectedly, on a holiday to Cyprus, in the form of a taverna called 7 St Georges, outside of Paphos. You sit outside under vine-covered canopies as you’re served traditional Cypriot cooking, only mezze, with no menu; they just bring the dishes until you tell them to stop, although we were advised to leave room for pudding – which has an English slant.

The taverna was set up 15 years ago by George and Lara, who shared a passion for authentic gastronomy and the history of Cypriot cuisine, which they call their “living cultural heritage”

George cooks using only traditional methods, and tries to be as self-sufficient as he can, using only seasonal produce, and he grows his own organic vegetables, as well as making his own olive oil and wine. When we were there we feasted hungrily on traditional starters, hummus and tarama, unlike any you’ve had before, with homemade flatbread; on meatballs, lamb, chicken, moussaka and more; dessert was banana pudding with caramel sauce. It was worth the wait to find 7 St Georges, and we will definitely be back.

Mezze, €17 per person. Litre of wine, €12. Dessert, €4.27.

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