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Discovering the perfect daily bread

The bread that satisfies the hungriness of the long-distance runner

Discovering the perfect daily bread

August 08 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

I have been a dedicated distance runner for the past three years. There are numerous benefits to this new-found obsession, but the chief one is that it enables me to eat bread on a twice-daily basis.

Naturally, my palate is now pretty finely tuned (I can tell my sourdough from my spelt flour on sight), and I have tasted some wonderfully esoteric loaves, but nothing, not even the loaf made with molasses I had last week, beats a slice of stoneground wholemeal from Hobbs House Bakery.

I am fortunate enough to live within running distance of two of this bakery’s four shops (they are all located in picturesque market towns in the English Cotswolds) and can vouch for every one of their hand-made loaves, but this is the one I keep coming back to. Made from wholemeal wheat flour milled between two stones, this stoneground wholemeal is bread as it should be: soft, moist, with a cake-like texture and a deep, nutty flavour. It makes good toast, fabulously upright soldiers for dipping in boiled eggs, but is at its best in its raw state, dressed only with a thickish layer of cold, unsalted French butter.

A loaf of Stoneground Wholemeal costs £2.50 if bought from one of the stores (based in Chipping Sodbury, Cirencester, Nailsworth and Tetbury) or £35 as part of the Sample and Organic Bread Boxes, which can be bought online from Hobbs House Bakery. It is also on promotion throughout August.