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A chocolate-lover anticipates the arrival of a box of edible jewels

Hand-made, ethically sourced – and utterly delicious

A chocolate-lover anticipates the arrival of a box of edible jewels

April 06 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

I exercise six days out of seven. There are several reasons for this obsessional regime, but the chief one is that I am inordinately fond of chocolate and without all the running and the swimming, I would have to make a choice between giving up my one (and sometimes two) chocolate(s)-a-day habit and being fat.

Naturally, I have become something of a chocolate connoisseur over the years and while I mostly make do with Lindt’s Excellence 85% Dark, I do sometimes treat myself to a box of 25 truffles from Dorset-based chocolatiers Chococo.

Chococo’s USP is that they make all of their chocolates by hand using a blend of ethically-sourced, Origin chocolate, fresh, local cream and seasonal, natural flavours. All of which means that a) they know the provenance of all their ingredients, b) we can eat them knowing that the producers have been paid a fair price, c) they are completely delicious and d) they have to be consumed in under a fortnight. (Hurrah!)

I would happily eat my way through the entire range, which goes from crowd-pleasing Purbeck Marble Cake (chocolate, biscuits, raisins and Morello cherries) to grown-up buttons made from Venezuelan Carenero superior bean chocolate (70 per cent cocoa), but since even daily work-outs won’t permit unrestrained indulgence, I limit myself to a quarterly selection box. My latest edible jewel box arrived on the doorstep this morning and I can already vouch for both the Gorgeous Ginger and the Chilli Tickle. Tomorrow promises Balsamic Berry and Blackstrap Harry: ummmm.

Selection boxes from £24.95-£26.95. The last date for Easter mail orders is April 19.

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