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Perfect pastries for the puritanical

An artisan baker’s wholewheat and sugar-free New Year delicacies

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Perfect pastries for the puritanical

January 04 2013
Nicole Swengley

Pity those with a sweet tooth. They need to make far greater sacrifices than most during “restrained” January. All those trying to cut back on their sugar intake, however, will delight in the discovery of a range of tasty but (relatively) guilt-free indulgences at Cocomaya, the London-based fine chocolatier and artisan baker.

Now, it may sound a bit odd to suggest visiting a chocolate shop and bakery during a detox session, but Cocomaya has come up with some timely temptations that seem to deliver a happy compromise. Its team of chocolatiers has created a New Year’s range of sugar-free chocolate bars (£4) and rose fondants (£1.50 per 10g), while its baking experts are offering wholemeal croissants (£2.20) for the first time, as well as a seeded spelt loaf (£7.50). There’s also a refreshing and purifying choice of herbal teas, such as jasmine, rosebud and chamomile.

Cocomaya’s three London branches (Brompton Road in second and third pictures) provide perfect pit stops for light snacking during the January sales. Many of its products are allergen-free, including items without dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, nuts and sugar. Afternoon tea (£25) is a particular highlight, with a wide selection of diet-friendly cakes and teas available. And if January detoxers can leave the premises without succumbing to Cocomaya’s Wild Cocoa Bean chocolates decorated with gold leaf (£1.50 each), then they could, perhaps, reward themselves with a more indulgent return trip in February.