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A foodie website with terrific gift-giving ideas

Packed to the brim with flavoursome shrimps

A foodie website with terrific gift-giving ideas

October 03 2009
Lucia van der Post

A new foodie website may solve some present-giving problems. Instead of the ubiquitous scented candles, lovely though some are, try looking at Effortless Eating’s website, which has some great ideas. There are boxes for special occasions such as for new mothers or those moving house, but the things I like best, which have gone down a treat, are the big Kilner jars of potted brown shrimps.

I love Baxters potted shrimps, but the little wax cartons aren’t a patch on a hugely bountiful Kilner jar packed to the brim with enough little shrimps potted straight from Cornish seas to feed 10. The large jar costs £28 and looks wonderfully generous. Effortless Eating used to deliver only in the London area but now delivers anywhere in the UK. Later this year, the shrimps will also be stocked by Daylesford Organic.