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For ice cream with a twist, follow the van

Ice cream that comes with a dash of wit

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For ice cream with a twist, follow the van

April 05 2010
Mark C O’Flaherty

As a child I dreamt of owning my own ice-cream van, for no better reason than I wanted access to all the Mr Whippy I could possibly consume. Right now I’d like to have shares in Coolhaus, the silvered mobile ice-cream parlour converted from an old postal truck by two Los Angeles architects, Freya Estreller and Natasha Case. The van appears in different locations in the city throughout the week, announced via Twitter and on the web rather than from the peal of amplified nursery chimes.

Coolhaus serves delicious ice-cream sandwiches named after Freya and Natasha’s best loved architects and styles (and of course the truck’s name is a riff on Rem Koolhaas): previous flavours have included Mintimalism and Frank Behry. My current favourite is Sanaana Split.

I first encountered the van last summer at one of the weekly alfresco wine-tasting evenings beside the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House on Hollywood Boulevard – its appearance generated a huge wave of excitement among a crowd of design aficionados. It’s also a regular at music festivals and corporate gatherings – Coolhaus followers have been known to travel far for their architectural ice cream and biscuit fix.

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