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Naughty-but-nice bite-sized delights

Pierre Hermé’s deliciously unusual seasonal macaroons, served in style

Naughty-but-nice bite-sized delights

November 19 2012
Camilla Apcar

In the realm of stocking fillers, the edible variety reigns supreme. But might there be such a thing as one too many reindeer-shaped chocolates? A new gift box decorated with a deliciously risqué design by French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme (who has sketched for the New Yorker) presents a sumptuous reason to swap sweets for a box of unusual Pierre Hermé limited-edition macaroons.

This newly launched addition to his gift-box collection can be filled with any combination of 16 meringue-based delights (£33). Hermé’s specials created exclusively for Christmas 2012 include white-truffle cream packed with hazelnuts, candied chestnut, as well as the extraordinary marriage of chocolate and foie gras – reserved for the most daring sweet-toothed fiends. The yuletide pièce de résistance is the white-wine Macaron PX, with Pedro Ximénez-flavoured cream and steeped sultanas.  

If only Delhomme could persuade a fashion house to craft his gift-box dress illustration into a delectable reality. In the absence of such a dream coming true, the temptation to attempt DIY confectionery couture on Boxing Day should be resisted – but then again, it’s unlikely there will be any macaroons left by then…