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Graze snack boxes

Even the cardboard box looks good enough to eat

Graze snack boxes

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 11 2009
Jonathan Margolis

When the going at work gets tough, the tough get snacking. But sending your PA out to buy crisps, Snickers and Sherbet Fountains isn’t only bad for you, it lacks style.

It’s much more fun and healthy to go online and join Graze is a startup outfit near Heathrow, which will deliver you (if you live in the UK) by post a daily healthy snack selection in a recycled cardboard box which itself is so appealing you may want to eat it along with the contents.

You can control the snacks you’re sent on the highly responsive website. So if you’re into, say, the Beach Bum Dried Fruit Mix module or the (delicious) BBQ almonds but can’t quite face pitted Kalamata and Amphissa olives with chilli, garlic and black pepper with your morning latte, you can indicate that preference and you won’t be troubled by the olives again. Each box arrives with a personalised menu describing what you’ve been sent and detailing its nutritional credentials. There are dozens of choices, from fresh fruit (which somehow survives the mail in perfect condition) to brilliant spicy, nutty, crackery delights to even milk-chocolate-coated peanuts, which you might not imagine have much of a part in a health regime.

I feel the fun and online interactivity – not to mention the greed factor – of would be lessened if you only had boxes delivered a couple of times a week, as the bulk of Graze’s several thousand customers apparently do. Go the full five – or six – days for full effect. Over 500 snackers were doing so at the time of writing.

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