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A legendary explorer’s whisky is recreated

A chance for readers to join a unique online whisky-tasting event

A legendary explorer’s whisky is recreated

September 29 2011
Sibéal Pounder

Buried next to an old, weathered hut stranded in the icy expanse of Antarctica’s Cape Royds is an unlikely spot to rediscover an old Highland malt, but in 2007, when the Antarctic Heritage Trust found two crates of explorer Ernest Shackleton’s tipple of choice, the Mackinlay Rare Old Highland Malt – which had lain hidden there since his famous South Pole expedition in 1907-9 – it caused something of a stir in whisky circles.

Richard Paterson, Whyte & Mackay’s master blender and distiller, has since been working to produce a perfect replica of the 114-year-old blend, and on October 4 he will be hosting an exclusive – and virtual – tasting event on Twitter.

Those chosen to participate will receive a sample of the replica Mackinlay malt in the post (by October 4 at the latest) to join the tasting, and will have the opportunity to ask questions and read on as Paterson relates stories of the famous blend’s icy history – all from the comfort of your own chair. See below for your chance to join the tasting.