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A chance to attend an exclusive cognac tasting

Your invitation to experience a range of truly exceptional cognacs

A chance to attend an exclusive cognac tasting

September 23 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

Measuring an imposing two metres high and as many wide, the impressively stocked Pinel & Pinel Martell Cognac trunk is guaranteed to please even the most ardent cognac connoisseur. In fact, so complete is the luxury trunk’s arsenal, it is being used by Harrods to stage a series of exclusive invitation-only tasting pop-ups (hosted by a Martell ambassador), one of which, on October 4, eight readers will have the chance to attend.

Built and fitted by 10 master craftsmen (and the result of around 1,000 man-hours), the trunk houses a collection of 28 rare eaux de vie, each selected to represent the exponents of the four “cru” used by Martell, as well as the brand’s full portfolio, which encompasses Cordon Bleu, XO and Création Grand Extra as well as the coveted L’Or de Jean Martell, an outstanding blend of several hundred eaux de vie, some of which have been aged for more than a century.

To complete the tasting experience, the trunk also includes a set of glasses (the cognac can be sipped from either a tulip, tall or cocktail class, a Schott tumbler or an elegant crystal “balloon snifter”), Cire Trudon candles, a cigar humidor and a portable ice machine. And should the trunk’s owner require any tasting notes, the trunk also offers Martell cellar master Benoît Fil’s very own handwritten and leather-bound tasting book covering each cognac.