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Marcus Wareing

Signing off with another insight into the life of the chef and family man

Marcus Wareing

April 25 2011
Marcus Wareing

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I was up and about by 9am today, helping my brother finishing some jobs around the house. He is leaving today and I was giving him a lift into town on my way to work. We left at 11.30am and headed to The Gilbert Scott, ideal for Brian who was catching a train from Euston; he was hoping for one of our Eccles cakes but no such luck as we were closed for lunch!

I was attending our first operations meeting with the managers to discuss the past week and the coming week. The rest of the team came in at 3pm for evening service starting at 6pm. We had 150 covers booked, again still family and friends but increased pressure based on the numbers. We served the normal menu with a couple of specials including my baked egg custard which we still serve at The Berkeley several years after I cooked it on Great British Menu and for the Queen’s 80th birthday.

I was home after midnight and was woken fairly early by three small children eager to open their Easter eggs on Sunday. I was given my favourite, Galaxy chocolate! The weather was glorious again so we had a barbecue for lunch with sausages, marinated chicken, baked potatoes and salad. They helped me wash my car and by 3pm we were on Wandsworth Common, a short walk from where we live, the boys on bikes and Jessie on her tricycle. They take great pleasure in doing circuits of the pond. Apparently they saw some huge fish the day before but I couldn’t see any so I am not convinced!

When we got home they had tea and I went for a run. The only chance I have to exercise is at the weekend so I try to use the gym and run a couple of times, it also gives me the opportunity to think. Watched a repeated Top Gear with our eldest. Jake: he finds it hilarious. When the children were in bed, Jane and I had a light supper and watched the recent Harry Potter movie. I don’t remember any of it – I think I must have dozed off, it happens a lot when I sit down!

Looking forward to next week, the phone lines at The Gilbert Scott open on Monday and Jane is bringing the boys for lunch on Tuesday; they cannot believe that Daddy serves chips in his new restaurant. Not just any chips, I tell them.

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