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Marcus Wareing

The chef takes time to enjoy Good Friday family downtime in the garden

Marcus Wareing

April 22 2011
Marcus Wareing

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I left for work at 1pm on Good Friday after a lazy morning in the garden with the kids. Jake and Archie were whizzing around the garden on their bikes while Jessie made a den out of blankets with their granny, who is visiting. The Gilbert Scott was closed today so I went straight to The Berkeley. We open for lunch and dinner on bank holidays so a fairly normal day. Had an hour with each of my department heads to hear about challenges, changes and new ideas; a few new chefs started this week. Watched the end of the lunch service after tasting some new dishes for the spring menu. James has some amazing flavour ideas that just need a little bit of fine tuning such as a mint parfait served with an iced liqueur, a stunning foie gras and apple dish with amaretto, and a simple oyster dish with sea parsley for the lunch menu.

Just talked through our plans for the royal wedding weekend – we will not be doing anything special, just our usual bank holiday menu, although we will be open throughout. Finally had the chance to empty my inbox and get up to date with everything.

I watched the beginning of dinner service before heading home for dinner with wife Jane and my brother, who has been helping me with some painting in the garden. Just finalised the plans for our summer holiday; we were a bit slow off the ground this year with so many other things going on but we do now have a villa booked in the South of France – we just need flights now!

Work again tomorrow, so bed before midnight. Brian leaves tomorrow, he runs his own catering business and has work of his own to do. Excited for next week as the phone lines open at The Gilbert Scott, we will post the number on our website. I am intrigued to see if the phone rings; hope so!

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