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Marcus Wareing

The chef is in his element, fine-tuning the menu and the mood at his new restaurant

Marcus Wareing

April 20 2011
Marcus Wareing

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Another early start, but the chance for breakfast with Jake, Archie and Jessie, my children who are all currently enjoying their seemingly endless Easter break; we are trying not to eat croissants, so cornflakes all round! London certainly feels a bit quieter, although the good weather always calms the mood. Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley is open throughout April, including the many bank holidays; we have a reduced à la carte menu available. I am quite looking forward to the day of the royal wedding – we are close to Hyde Park and I think it's going to be packed, with a great atmosphere. More changes at The Gilbert Scott today: we have a garden now, or rather planters.

For the first time today we served food in the bar; tasty snacks including Southwold sprats and George’s chips with Sarson’s mayonnaise. I am enjoying tasting the cocktails that our bar manager Oliver is mixing: there is an interesting mix of flavours coming from the beverages, but also herbs and other interesting ideas.

Our second dinner service went well, still working on the lighting and setting the scene but overall very good comments. We are not officially open yet but already new ideas to the menu such as asparagus with gull’s egg, one of my favourites. Lots of familiar faces tonight, so I didn’t leave until after midnight again. I guess the bonus is less traffic! Tumbled into bed after a short stroll round the garden; it feels like summer.