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Hélène Darroze

The star chef takes meetings over the kitchen table

Hélène Darroze

March 23 2011
Hélène Darroze

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I left my apartment early, while the girls were still sleeping. Over cups of green tea in my kitchen in Paris I did some work with my accountant and was happy to hear that business is good. I then met with one of our regular suppliers of meat from Les Landes. I really like to use the finest ingredients from the south-west of France, as it’s where I come from – and it is, of course, very important to choose the best lamb for Easter.

In the afternoon I went to visit the newly opened Shangri-La hotel in Place D’Iéna. There are so many new hotels opening, it’s difficult to see them all – a bit like London. The Shangri-La was beautiful and I was actually speaking at an event arranged by a Parisian bank; there were nearly 100 financial ladies and the subject was, “How to succeed in a masculine world” – something that I seem to end up discussing quite regularly in Paris and in London! The chef of the Shangri-La’s restaurant, Philippe Labbé, came over to meet me and say hello; I shall definitely try and go back and eat there another time.

Then I collected Charlotte from school – and had a secret chat with her teacher about making a cake to take in for her birthday celebrations.

In the evening I worked in the restaurant. I came out to the dining room and met some guests who are heading to London, and want to come and see me at the Connaught and stay at the hotel. It’s lovely when regular guests visit both my restaurants and they can see how my menus are adapted to the two different countries.

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