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Hélène Darroze

The venerated Connaught chef on her bi-weekly London-Paris shuffle

Hélène Darroze

March 22 2011
Hélène Darroze

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I have arrived back in Paris after a busy week at The Connaught. It was extra chaotic this weekend, as we celebrated a very special birthday dinner for my dear friend Laeticia Hallyday, who came with her rock-star husband Johnny Hallyday (I am godmother to their daughter), and François Pinault and Salma Hayek. I spent a lot of time working on the art de la table which is so important to me – adding all the many extra touches. Kally at McQueens did the most amazing flowers along the centre of the table: beautiful little clusters of pink ranunculus and purple anemones all placed randomly down the centre line with storm lanterns. It really made me understand that it’s not about being overly lavish with flowers but about adding a touch of creativity.

We came back to Paris on the Eurostar – our regular weekly commute. I was very happy with Charlotte and Quiterie, my two girls; they were so good. I am always getting compliments from other passengers that they are so well behaved!

Today, as the restaurant is closed on a Monday, I was able to take Charlotte to school. This is a real treat for me and for her. It was very sweet; all the children had to dress in green as it was the first day of spring. Then I went to have lunch at Le George V with Laetitia and my other friend Caroline Rostang (she runs the restaurant L’Absinthe in Paris). It was an interesting lunch, over which we made plans for our trip to Vietnam in June: we are working on a project to build a school for HIV-positive children – this is something I have dreamed of for a long time.

I then did some shopping with Quiterie on the Avenue Montaine – sadly I can never resist Baby Dior. (It is her birthday in two weeks so we got some early presents.)

I then finished my day by appearing on BFM Entertainment TV, being filmed in the Nespresso Boutique on the Champs Elysées, and answering lots of questions about how I manage to split my life between London and Paris… Sometimes I wonder myself!

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