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Time-limited luxuries

What’s the connection between the new Galliano perfume and a pink macaroon?

Time-limited luxuries

November 03 2010
Avril Groom

Ladurée’s occasional limited production tie-ups with designers always cause a flurry of excitement, with the boxes often proving even more collectable than whatever interesting flavour the link has dreamed up. The latest is a very shrewd piece of marketing as well as a hot-ticket pastry – John Galliano has “designed” a macaroon to celebrate the launch of his new, love-letter-inspired perfume, Parlez-moi d’Amour (from £29), and it includes two of the same notes.

It is a perfect demonstration of the close links between our senses of taste and smell. The scent, which comes in a letter-shaped bottle with a matching box complete with a flower-print stamp, is a warm, enveloping, summery concoction with a zesty citrus fruit and spice top note (blueberry, bergamot and ginger) that warms into rich and languorous rose, jasmine and musk and finishes with the green wood of cypress in a reference to Galliano’s Iberian origins. It is a youthful but complex fragrance that is it hard to imagine in edible form.

Yet Ladurée has cleverly synthesised two of the most delectable ingredients – rose and ginger – into a new macaroon, arriving on November 8, that will delight anyone who already loves the rose variety. The Galliano macaroon has the same creamy, perfumed flavour but adds a spicy pep that changes it completely into a mini mirror of the perfume’s contrasting notes. It’s a pretty pink, like the perfume, and the box (from £11) looks like that for the scent, with the same stamp motif and Galliano’s Gothic script logo. For me, the macaroons’ taste is the chief joy, but the box fans have the upper hand and are likely to exhaust stocks in four weeks – though the sweets may last a little longer.