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Marcus Wareing

Catching up with the family – and looking forward to earthy autumn flavours

Marcus Wareing

September 27 2010
Marcus Wareing

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A lie in, finally. That was until three-year-old Jessie breezed into the bedroom in fairy dress and mum’s high heels stomping across the floor looking for her princesses. She is hilarious, she never stops chatting or smiling and apparently is the absolute image of her father.

It’s football again this morning, this time a cup match with another local team. The whole team played really well and Jake put the first two goals in (a huge improvement on last week’s efforts and attitude) with an overall win of 8-0. We had a bit of a laugh with friends as we took a flask of tea with us – my northern roots coming out! We made it home by 3pm just before the rain began.

An iPod touch has recently appeared in our house, a birthday present for Jake. I am amazed at how quickly children can handle new technology. He is currently walking around the house watching a movie. It’s fine for now but I do not think his mother will let it continue for long! We are now all fighting for the laptop as he is desperate to get some music loaded onto it which of course he has already learnt to do without too much difficulty.

Sunday is the one day when we are all home and I think it is really important that we eat together. We are never organised enough to have a Sunday lunch so it’s normally dinner. Jane cooked today, although we do take it in turns – the chicken and mushroom pie was delicious but never enough salt! Time at the table is a great opportunity to catch up or learn something new – this evening’s topic was capital cities and spellings.

I used to box until I was 18, and it remains my favourite sport. Two days late, I caught up on Friday Night Fights – there is a lot of great new English talent ready to take over from the old generation of fighters; I must try and organise some tickets to go and watch.

I am pleased to say that my diary for next week looks a little bit quieter, giving me the chance to focus on the restaurant and the new ways with the fresh seasonal ingredients including cèpes, girolles and chestnuts which all have such fabulous earthy flavours. Tomorrow evening I am looking forward to attending the annual AA Awards; I have given some guidance on the menu again this year so I hope it’s tasty. It would be great to be a winner but I have no expectations; it’s just good to be involved.

The kids were all in bed by 8pm, giving Jane and me a quiet night in front of the TV watching, dare I say it, The X Factor. I can live without the auditions but after boot camp it becomes quite addictive.

I am planning an early night tonight in anticipation of another long week ahead. This is Marcus Wareing signing off.

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