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Marcus Wareing

When family and football take precedence over food

Marcus Wareing

September 26 2010
Marcus Wareing

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In my younger days, when I worked from 7am until 1am the following morning, I used to spend most of my day off catching up on sleep. These days I am not so lucky. I still lack sleep during the week but now I have to get up for football duty. This morning my eldest, nine-year-old Jake, had training with his new football team. I am not quite sure how he and a number of others get away with wearing their Liverpool kits while playing for a Fulham team! I feel extremely proud of him, though, and today he really put in a lot of effort and managed to score two goals.

My other two kids had a fun time on the new climbing frame in Hurlingham Park in Fulham – it’s really fantastic and there is even a zip wire. It was still cold this morning but at least the sun was shining.

Before returning home for lunch we delivered Jake to his best friend Toby’s house; they were both going to watch the Fulham v Everton match with Toby’s dad. He always does so many different things with his children; it puts me to shame; no goals scored at the match, but the boys had fun watching people.

We just had a simple salad for lunch prepared by Jane and by 2pm we were both sitting in front of her laptop catching up on some work. Although Jane works at the restaurant three days a week with me we do not always have time to catch up on our home-related paperwork; in particular today we needed to go over some points for our new home after our site visit yesterday. It seems to be Bond season again on TV. I did manage to have a peek – I could watch those old movies over and over.

Archie, five, decided he would read his book to me today. He is just learning and normally there is no chance of him reading out loud to me. He must be getting more confident – good news.

I love to run. I have rediscovered it and now try to run twice at the weekend as there is no time during the week. It’s another way of helping me to switch off and gather my thoughts as well as keeping me fit; I managed about an hour today in the wintry sunshine.

I didn’t have to work tonight as the hotplate is covered. Instead Jane and I spent the evening with friends at Chez Bruce where we managed to get a table which is quite rare as they are so busy. Bruce has just expanded into the building next door, from memory it used to be a post office and a delicatessen; it now houses another few tables and looks superb. There is always a risk when changing familiar restaurants that they lose their “mojo” – not the case here, and the food was wonderful as usual; it remains one of my favourite restaurants.

We were in bed by 12.30am.

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