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An organic antidote to those parties in the Hamptons

Lured by the taste of raw, fresh organic juices

An organic antidote to those parties in the Hamptons

August 15 2010
Mark Ellwood

It seems counter-intuitive to detox in the Hamptons – after all, summer weekends in the East End are for dinners, cocktail parties and benefits. But I love the vegan, all-natural roster at Organic Avenue, a take-out café-cum-store tucked into the warren of stores not far from the Parrish Art Museum.

It was founded in Manhattan by an evangelical vegan, Denise Mari, and the East End outpost is more relaxed and welcoming than its hipster-heavy mothership. The juices (pictured) are the lure here: they are squeezed out in a hydraulic press, rather than a conventional juicer that creates heat as the blades move; they’re all-natural, organic and raw.

The fresh coconut water is a good hangover cure, though I feel furtive sloping into this clean-living spot with a throbbing head (16oz bottle, $7). And the food is appetising: the Portobello Reuben Wrap ($14) is a delicous seaweed pouch crammed with chunks of mushroom and a multitude of vegetables. This eco-savvy store also charges a $2 deposit on juice bottles which is refunded when they are returned.

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