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The coffee is terrific, but the real beauty is in the packaging

Coffee containers that are a triumph of style – and content

The coffee is terrific, but the real beauty is in the packaging

March 07 2010
Mark C O’Flaherty

The high-design aspect of down-under coffee culture is something that’s going global: many a London or New York coffee house has been inspired by Melbourne’s industrial-chic indie barista joints. The latest bit of caffeine-chic to emanate from the southern hemisphere is Rewind coffee, which I discovered in the food hall of a branch of the Australian department store David Jones. It’s so beautifully packaged that I had to buy all six varieties (including their cocoa).

Rewind’s beans are as high quality as you’d hope for (their Crema Deluxe is wonderfully smooth), but the real beauty is in the look of their mid-century modern, Mad Men-era containers. Although each costs up to A$17.95 (around £10) for 200g (pricier than Illy, my previous gorgeous-coffee-container of choice), I can’t resist their charms.

The detail on Rewind’s canisters is sublime – they are designed to be stackable, are airtight for freshness, and the colour palette (Prussian blue; olive; caramel) and typography are authentically 1950s. I’m hoping that they start selling online soon so that I can replenish my supplies without having to return to Oz.

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