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This is as good as life gets in Los Angeles

Delicious mint tea, with Hollywood gossip thrown in

This is as good as life gets in Los Angeles

March 02 2010
Catherine Moye

Though I’m a big fan of the rich and gloopy drinks commonly found in Starbucks-style coffee chains, it’s been something of a challenge to find one that doesn’t contain the calorific equivalent of a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Sunday lunch. So at my all-time favourite hang-out in Los Angeles, the Urth Caffé on Melrose Avenue, it was like hitting the jackpot to discover the ice-blended organic Moroccan mint tea with boba pearls.

All the drinks at the Urth Caffé are organic and highly addictive. They also sell first-rate salads and sandwiches. You line up at the counter, make your order, and are given a number. Then you find a table inside or on the terrace outside where you can eavesdrop on some of the best studio gossip in Los Angeles.

The ice-blended Moroccan Mint Boba ($4.75) arrives at your table: so thick and creamy that it might have been dispensed from a soft ice-cream machine rather than poured from a liquidiser.

A mint-flavoured fusion of mint, milk and green tea, the best part of the concoction is the abundance of chewy brown tapioca pearls that you suck through a straw as fat as a nickel. In my view, supping away at one on a sunny Sunday morning is as good as life gets in Los Angeles.

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