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The gin that’s sent to Iceland for special treatment

It’s the purity of the water that makes this gin special

The gin that’s sent to Iceland for special treatment

March 31 2010
Simon de Burton

I was always partial to a drop of the old “mother’s ruin” until a few years ago when I began to suffer from racking headaches after even the smallest measure. But now I’m happily back on the G&T circuit, having discovered Martin Miller’s super-premium gin, produced by hotelier and former Miller’s Antiques Guide publisher Martin Miller.

The apparent secret of Martin Miller’s clarity and purity – and presumably why it doesn’t do my head in – is that although it’s distilled in the UK, it is sent to Iceland for blending with glacial spring water which, says Miller, is among the purest on earth. Which may also account for is subtlety.

Proof of the pudding came last October when Martin Miller’s Anniversary Strength edition scooped the Best Gin award at London’s International Spirits Challenge, beating other excellent super-premiums such as Tanqueray 10 and Hendrick’s.

Martin Miller’s Standard strength (40%) costs £19.99 and Westbourne Strength (45.2%) £27.

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