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New adventures in off-the-beaten-track destinations

Travel companies open up the world, from Egypt to North Korea

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New adventures in off-the-beaten-track destinations

Image: Reute Butler 2006/Abercrombie & Kent Picture Library

September 23 2011
Sophy Roberts

Off-the-beaten-track destinations are the big lure this autumn. Abercrombie & Kent is backing Egypt after the troubles, inaugurating a nine-night group tour departing October 27 and visiting the newly restored Avenue of the Sphinxes (first picture), the ceremonial walkway between the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak (; £1,995 excluding flights).

And Bangkok and New York-based outfitter Remote Lands is bigging up North Korea (second picture) with its increasing experience in this difficult territory; it is now even chartering private planes to Mount Paekdu on the border with China where, at 9,000ft, travellers can glimpse the world’s highest crater lake (; from $750 per person per day).