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‘Frontier’ travel broadens its horizons

Diving and driving at the very edges of the world

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‘Frontier’ travel broadens its horizons

August 08 2011
Sophy Roberts

For those with a hunger to explore the reefs of Papua New Guinea, Dive in Style (; from £4,500 per person for 14 nights, with flights and transfers) has just started selling trips here, incorporating strong-current dives and big fish at Kavieng in New Ireland, and the second-world-war wrecks of Rabaul (first picture).

This is frontier travel, which is how it once felt in Mongolia. Ever since Louis Vuitton’s 2009 opening in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, its status as the cutting edge of wildernesses has been a bit questionable, though specialist Mongolia outfitter Nomadic Expeditions (second picture; would disagree. Its September 27 fixed departure (from $3,759) takes visitors on a nine-day trip into some of the most remote territory in Asia: the Altai mountains on the western border, where Kazakh hunters gather for a golden-eagle festival.