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A new star in the firmanent of spa resorts

A new resort opens in Anadalucia – but all eyes are on Turkey

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A new star in the firmanent of spa resorts

July 28 2011
Sophy Roberts

AA, or After Aman, marks the epoch beginning in 1988 when the first Amanresort opened in Phuket and changed the hotel landscape forever. (I look to Andalucia for this month’s example of Asian-inspired luxe, Shanti-Som –; from €175 – a new, Thai-style, 14-room “boutique” spa resort. First picture shows the outdoor yoga studio.)

Cut to 2011 and Aman has arrived in Turkey: Amanruya (third picture,; from €944) is on the Bodrum Peninsula. I’ve heard everyone, from New York super-agent Bill Fischer to style arbiter Chiara Ferragamo, talk well of this Aegean outpost, with Maçakizi (second picture,; from €385) the address to beat. However, this month all eyes are following Aman’s arrival on a quiet hillside with a winding pathway to a pebble beach, boasting 36 pool cottages.