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Where to acquire the ultimate aquatic accessory

Beach-house guests in Brazil can charter the boat of their choice

Where to acquire the ultimate aquatic accessory

June 23 2011
Sophy Roberts

In Angra dos Reis in Brazil, Villa agent Stephen Chew of the Brazilian Beach House Company ( recently launched a boat-chartering arm to meet requests of house guests who want either to zip about wakeboarding from their own motorised inflatable, or hire a fully crewed vessel.

One such sailer is Serena, a 20m yacht for hire (from $18,800 per week) that helps nail the look for any getaway Bonds. In the end, boats are about far more than reef knots, speed knots and flying bridges. They are the ultimate accessory, and aesthetics matter.

Pictured: the Pousada Picinguaba, which can be booked through Brazilian Beach House Company.