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Revisiting an East African beach classic

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Revisiting an East African beach classic

May 29 2011
Sophy Roberts

Sophy Roberts chooses her three favourite places in the world; part three: East Africa.

Peponi on Lamu is considered the beach classic in East Africa. While I like it, I would rather travel an hour or so away by boat to Kiwayu Safari Village (; $750 all-inclusive), on a tiny island in Kenya’s Kiunga marine reserve. The same family has owned and run this place since the 1970s, and the commitment shows. The 3km-long beach is amazing: soft sand, bristling with pink crabs, lapped by a gentle tide, child-safe thanks to a curl of sheltering land. The thatch-and-wood bandas are big and airy, decked in giant shells, driftwood furnishing, hammocks and kikoy cushions. There’s deep-sea fishing, private island picnics, dhow sailing, sashimi for dinner – perfect for families, and truly restful.

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