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Lexmark printer

A remarkable new business machine at a very reasonable price

Lexmark printer

September 04 2011
Jonathan Margolis

If Apple made printers, I reckon they’d look and work a bit like this remarkable new business machine. The Genesis S815 all-in-one printer/scanner/fax has so many points of difference it’s hard to know where to start enthusing. Its vertical form means it takes up minimal space, but that’s the smallest of its benefits. The scanning technology is completely novel, using a 10-megapixel camera instead of the usual hoo-hah with lights tracking up and down. The result is that the Genesis scans and digitises a document in three seconds – and gives an instant preview before you scan.

You can also run many of the Lexmark’s features direct from the big, clear LCD screen without using your computer. You can do double-sided printing with almost magical simplicity – the machine simply sucks your documents back from the out-tray to print on the back. And you can print photos wirelessly from iPhone/Pad etc – again, without a computer.

Print quality, for documents at least, is good. However, because Lexmark is a bit of a “nyeh” brand, it’s something of a bargain. The launch price was over £400, you could immediately get it for £300, and if you look around, it’s available for £179.