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Accuratus Monster 2 Early Learning keyboard

It could be a key part of youngsters’ progress in the world of computers

Accuratus Monster 2 Early Learning keyboard

Image: Hugh Threlfall

July 13 2011
Jonathan Margolis

I am in the process of watching the first “digital natives” I know (my godchildren) grow up. And when this trainer keyboard arrived from Accuratus (British maker of the commendable iPad case/keyboard combo I featured in April), I whizzed it straight round to godson Alfie, aged five, for his approval.

He took to it with glee too, and a few days on, it’s really helped his typing, with its oversized keys grouped in different colours and helpful hints like “space bar” written on the, er, space bar. It even has spill holes in the base, so there need be no crying over spilt milk, as it will avoid the membrane – though I admit I haven’t had the courage to test that feature.

The Monster 2 keyboard is in a perfect UK format, so when little fingers no longer need big keys, the graduation to normal ones will be seamless. I have to say I am still ambivalent about Alf learning to touch type. It’s dinosaurish, I know, but I find men doing the proper tippety-typing thing rather than stabbing keys with two fingers (or one) kind of, wrong.