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Nintendo 3DS

The new Nintendo gadget that stands out from the crowd – thanks to 3-D

Nintendo 3DS

Image: Hugh Threlfall.

June 12 2011
Jonathan Margolis

As white an elephant as I regard 3-D TV – and I write as unbiasedly as possible as one of the 12 per cent of the population that can’t see stereoscopically – there is one area of 3-D I feel will take off.

I can’t explain why, but I am convinced that small, portable 3-D screens that don’t require glasses are finally going to bring 3-D films (and, more significantly, home video and photography) into the mainstream. I would go so far as predicting that the iPad 5 or 6 in 2015 will have amazing 3-D, with 3-D screens for gaming and films on phones, plus a 3-D camera for video and stills soon after.

The Nintendo 3DS is the world’s first baby, portable, glasses-free 3-D screen, and is better than the average trailblazing technology. It works quite well, though you need to manoeuvre to get the sweet spot for ideal 3-D viewing. It’s well worth buying into for fun, even if it’s nothing compared with what we’ll be seeing in the future – or you’ll be seeing, as I’ll never be able to experience 3-D. Sob.

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