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Zaggmate iPad case

Want to turn your iPad into a typing machine? Here’s how

Zaggmate iPad case

Image: Hugh Threlfall.

June 15 2011
Jonathan Margolis

To say you are spoilt for choice when it comes to iPad accessories is an understatement. This thing is getting so big, it’s frightening. Netbooks were the big, or small, new thing 18 months ago. When you see one being used in an airport lounge now, it looks quaint. And my upmarket business traveller observation is that nine out of 10 tablets in use are iPads.

How best to turn your iPad into a typing machine is still in the balance. The clever but irritating Apple Smart Cover doesn’t have much to offer in this respect, though in April I featured the Accuratus Image for iPad – a nice, squidgy soft case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.

The ZaggMate iPad case with keyboard (pictured) may be an even better “solution”, as it’s tough and aluminium, and when you configure it in its laptop-emulating form, it makes for a more rigid and, well, laptop-like device. The fractionally smaller iPad 2 ZaggMate is now out – it doesn’t yet come with a keyboard, but the new iPad fits almost perfectly into the old case.