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Binatone iHomephone

An eccentric amalgam of functions in one handy device

Binatone iHomephone

Image: Hugh Threlfall

April 11 2011
Jonathan Margolis

This peculiar but not unlovable – and certainly unique – item from Binatone might be just the answer for workaholics who like to sit in front of the TV at home but remain connected by reliable old landline to the office and to the wider world by internet.

Yes, the Binatone iHomePhone takes a bit of getting your head round. It’s a home DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications, since you ask) landline phone – so far, so good – with a speakerphone charger base – fine – but also Android-powered web surfing.

OK, you say, so it’s a combined landline and mobile phone. We’ve seen those before. Except the Android web surfing on the iHomePhone doesn’t work on the mobile-phone network, but through your Wi-Fi. Oh, and it’s also a mini entertainment system and can play tunes from the handset’s built-in FM radio and media player.

A dog’s dinner? Certainly, but this eccentric chimera (I hardly need tell you it’s British) can actually fit into your life. It’s also rather nicely made and feels good to use.

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