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Kodak ESP Office 6150 all-in-one printer

Another cracking printer from Kodak

Kodak ESP Office 6150 all-in-one printer

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 08 2010
Jonathan Margolis

I find it hard to bang the drum loud enough for Kodak printers, this all-in-one small home-office model being the latest.

I’ve discussed Kodak’s iconoclastic view on ink prices here before — the bottom line is that they are substantially cheaper than the big brands. No one, however well-off, can be thrilled when they find themselves paying the best part of £100 for ink. So when you fill up your Kodak for just £20 or £30, it feels vaguely naughty.

The ESP Office 6150 is a printer (two sides when required), scanner, photocopier and fax (for the seriously retro). It’s easy to use and incredibly well behaved.

As for photo quality, I would say the 6150 is as good as a fancy eight-ink machine from one of the big guys. This really is a great, sensible product based on a great, sensible idea.