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Blaze Chie baby laptop

It’s small, basic, and actually pretty useful

Blaze Chie baby laptop

Image: Hugh Threlfall

July 17 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This sweet little Wi-Fi-empowered Windows CE netbook is designed by its Doncaster importer to be a near-expendable play laptop for six- to 14-year-old children.

And it does a jolly good job of being just that. But while I suspect that any child over 11 would be mortally offended to be given one, you might, perversely, find yourself using it as a handbag or in-flight machine, as it’s (possibly more by accident than design) not only decent looking, but is smaller in every dimension than a normal netbook – without being so small you can’t type on it unless you’re a hamster or a contortionist.

To keep the little ’uns away from gaming sites, the Chie doesn’t do Flash. Nor does it work with 3G broadband dongles. Apart from that, as a perfectly OK, basic Windows machine, which will deal fine with Microsoft Office documents, it’s really rather refreshingly nice.

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