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Welcome to your very own personal cloud


Image: Hugh Threlfall

July 15 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Here’s a neat gadget from San Francisco which will be useful for all kinds of businesses, despite its colour. The Pogoplug is no less than your own personal (or company) “cloud” – a remote hard drive as big as you want it to be, on which you can place Terabytes of data of whatever kind you like, for you, your employees or customers to access from a Mac, PC, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone.

The beauty of it is that, instead of remoteness meaning that it is situated in a bunker 10,000 miles away and only accessible via a complicated website, the Pogoplug lives on your own premises, and doesn’t need an IT department to set it up. It’s also free to use and doesn’t involve irksome subscriptions. Although it looks like a hard drive, it is, in fact, only an access point to hard drives, which you plug into it. Pogoplug is a “scalable” gadget you can do what you like with. You could, for instance, use it to make all your photos shareable, without having to sign up to sites such as Flickr.