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Asus Designo MS 236H screen

This striking screen comes at an absurdly low price.

Asus Designo MS 236H screen

March 31 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Does Apple have the monopoly on computer style? Mostly, I suppose, but not entirely. Asus is a puzzling brand – a riot of different models, names and prices, and the product hierarchy is chaotic. Yet from this mayhem good and innovative stuff somehow comes. The Asus Eee range (as I always like to say, the only computer with a Yorkshire-inspired name) introduced the still-popular netbook form of cut-down mini-computer. And every now and then, beautiful Asus products cross my radar.

This 23in screen, for instance, would grace the kind of interior that is normally dominated by an Apple cinema model or a big, beautiful 27in iMac. Just 16.5mm thin, as Apple would say, the MS 236H is really striking – and absurdly low-priced compared to anything Apple. My only complaint is the good-looking but slightly flimsy bangle thing you can see at the back, which, although below par, works fine.

A nice style point: you’re more likely to hook up the MS 236H screen to a Windows PC and, as a PC user, you’ll be used to your home or office being slightly spoilt by the clunky Windows home screen. It’s not a great look, is it? Well, this Asus screen is so “stylee” it could almost be mistaken for an Apple, and the latest Windows 7 home screen is the first from Microsoft that doesn’t look horribly geeky; in fact, it’s quite cool. So with Windows 7 on your Asus screen, your Apple-centric friends might mistake it not just for something Apple, but for something Apple that they don’t have. Just saying...