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Iomega Ultramax Pro

This humungous hard drive looks like a piece of snazzy kitchen equipment

Iomega Ultramax Pro

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 11 2009
Jonathan Margolis

In June, I introduced the trend in enormous computer backup drives with the 2 Terabyte G-Technology G-Raid 3. Such enormous data tanks may seem extravagant, but I’m starting to feel that, especially if you work with video or CAD, such are the storage and backup demands that 2Tb soon won’t seem any more than adequate. I use a laptop and don’t use any particularly storage-voracious applications, but my new MacBook Pro 13in has a 500Gb hard disk, most of which is filled, and I’ve already had to replace a 500Gb backup drive with a 1Tb.

Iomega is a US company that in 1994 produced the Zip Drive, which stored data on thick patented floppy disks capable of holding 100Mb of stuff. Iomega faded from my radar but has been working away successfully at the more B2B-ish end of the storage market. This new 2Tb Iomega drive, looking like a snazzy piece of kitchen equipment, is still largely in the B2B arena, but has started appearing in Apple Stores, which suggests these are breaking onto the mass market.

The Iomega Ultramax Pro goes a step further than others of its type by being future-proofed; its two 1Tb drives slide out easily. So when 1.5Tb, 2Tb and 5Tb drives start to appear, they will slot and lock quietly and satisfyingly into your original, handsome 2009 housing. Very macho, very nice.

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