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FujiFilm X10

All-metalic build, cool leather case: the X10 has much to delight

FujiFilm X10

Image: Hugh Threlfall

February 21 2012
Jonathan Margolis

FujiFilm, less than a year ago Japan’s least sexiest camera maker, continues on the extraordinary roll that kicked off last March with the X100 retro-style digital camera. Now it has this, the beautiful X10, which could either be a companion to the X100 or a cosmically fine compact in its own right. The X10 is a little smaller than the X100 and, while the new baby has a 4x optical zoom, the X100’s stunning electronic viewfinder is replaced by a good, but less accurate, optical one. The sensor in the X10 is also smaller, but still delivers magnificent photos.

As with the X100, you could spend a week discovering the X10’s scrumptious features – or just point at your subjects and shoot. What remains the same is the X10’s superb all-metallic build. It’s a near-Teutonically tough machine that those sensitive to such things will want to fondle. It has a cool leather case (pictured), and is also an ergonomic tour de force. Just one delight of many: the camera turns on by twisting the lens barrel.

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