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Never mind the buzzwords – this is a decent piece of technology


Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 17 2011
Jonathan Margolis

This is a useful gadget, even if its official description makes it sound a bit of a bore. The Jabbakam is a video camera you plug into your Wi-Fi router, set in a position you want to watch, and then, voilà, you can log into a dedicated website to watch what it’s watching from a laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world. It will text and email you if it spots unexpected movement – and store images for up to 90 days. Simple and sensible. A business or large home can build a network of such cameras, all firing off video to monitor remotely.

Unfortunately, however, the British company behind Jabbakam has concealed its admirably clear concept in a mess of buzzwords and guff about social networking, crowd sourcing, community resources etc. It is selling something about communities getting together to look at each other’s streams of video. “Think YouTube meets Facebook” the press release says. No thanks, whatever that means. It is, however, a perfectly good product.

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